Prepared for you, by us!

Prepared For You…. By Us.

With the festive season over, left overs eaten and trying 9 different dishes with turkey, we are all back to normal!

It is that chilly time of year when we all crave long, slow cooked dishes with minimal effort required, and this is something we can help with.
As well as our choice of slow cooking meats from Lamb Shanks to Brisket, our “Prepared for You” range gives you the chance to have a proper homemade meal without all the faff! We all know what it is like to have days when you work late, get stuck in traffic or just cant be bothered! That is what this range is all about – ease!

All of our dishes are made by us, with the same meat we sell every day. Keeping it local, fresh and tasty!

Beef Lasagne
Lamb Moussaka
Cottage Pie
Chicken Lasagne
Beef Cobbler
A wide range of Pies
Lamb Pastry Wheels
Chilli Bombs
Chicken and Mushroom Parcels
Pork and Leek Puffs
A choice of Stir Fry
Sweet and Sour Pork
Chicken Curry
Hunters Chicken
Steak and Kidney Puddings
Chicken Kiev

If you would like more information or to order any of our “Prepared For You” range, please get in contact. We do have certain
dishes always in our counters, and freezer.



T: 01728 727422
25 Market Hill, Framlingham. IP13 9AN



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