Spring is on the way!

Spring is on the way!!

The end of winter, means the beginning of spring. So while stews and slow cooked meals are a staple for the time of year, we can also start to think about warmer days, possible barbecues and the potential to see family and friends for the Easter weekend.

On the top of the list, we will have (as always) our amazing, local lamb, perfect for an Easter Sunday roast dinner. Leg, perfect for a more traditional roast dinner, and the shoulder ideal for slow cooking with garlic and rosemary… It makes me hungry just thinking about it!

However, we feel this year might be slightly different. Alongside the lamb and all of our other amazing roasting joints, we feel barbecue items might be needed! If things go to plan and you are allowed to meet people in gardens, we feel a barbecue is the best way! (We live in England! – We barbecue, rain or shine!)

We highly recommend ordering your Easter weekend meat. We would hate for anyone to be disappointed, and can never guarantee what we will have left. Give us a call or email to place an order, or to ask us an questions you may have.

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